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Words from the readers …

“I Am With You is a collection of 42 short pieces by and about people facing cancer. The book is encouraging, even inspirational – whether one is newly diagnosed with cancer, facing extended treatments, re-entering life after treatment, or facing death in oneself or a loved one.”

The essays are about ‘knowing’, connection, wisdom, humor, and compassion. The authors speak of their personal healing tools that helped them cope with the anxieties, side effects, relationships, and more. Patients appreciate the intimacy and truth from ‘kindred spirits’ who truly understand. Family members and caregivers express their gratitude for the stories since they have helped them to understand the experience of their loved ones. These essays become lifelines … bright shining lights during the darkest days. The stories of resilience give strength in moments of weakness. This small book is a superb survivors’ tool.”

“I am reading your book — a few chapters every night — and loving it.  Such perspective, such humility, such wisdom, and such courage.  Thank you for your vision and for all the work that went into it.  You should be proud!!!”

“I am a Patient Navigator and Cancer Journey Coach with multiple written resources for clients/friends. I Am with You is, by far, my favorite. It is extraordinary in its variety of ‘voices’, its transparency and its powerful effect on readers. I love, love, love this collection and I am so grateful it is available to give as gifts to my clients. These are writings directly from the heart, beautifully honest and forever inspiring. One of my favorite chapters is written by Nancy, the Editor. Her Stanford oncologist lays it out as to how to survive and thrive through her treatments for Stage IV ovarian cancer, but his most important ‘treatment’ for her was to say (and mean it), “I am with you.”

“Thank you! No amount of data moves us like a personal story can! These honest, open-hearted stories from those who have been there help in a way nothing else can. This is a beautiful book in every way!”

“You couldn’t find a more touching, loving and even humorous account of having to deal with this tragedy than from this wonderful book. It speaks with heart-warming honesty. Cancer patients are a very special and brave lot and this book is a testament to it.”

“Could not be more pleased! A friend gave me this book recently, as I am just finishing a journey with cancer, and it helps to reaffirm trust, inner strength and the love that heals. I bought several to send to other friends who are experiencing the emotional and physical roller coaster that is part of this challenge. The love and gratitude expressed can do wonders for women, and I hope this book gets into every cancer center!”

“The stories will bring tears, laughter, pride and thoughtfulness. We tell our stories not to bemoan the fact that we have or have had cancer (3 times for me), but that we are joyfully living our lives. The beauty of the warrior … ‘We will “not go quietly into that good night.’ (Dylan Thomas).”

“A hearty thanks for this beautiful compilation of stories we survivors can really relate to. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to honor your authors’ stories. I have savored every one, and many resonated with my own story and me. You are a blessing.”

“Cancer warriors, survivors and supporters of cancer fighters should buy this book. It will move you, inspire you and is something you will relate to. Although moments here may bring you to tears, you will be lifted and filled with hope, courage, belief and love. I am partial to the section written by Leslie Purchase and I also know how special the sound of singing is after Cancer. It is the sound of survival.”

“I just read the book and have feelings of hope, a full heart and genuine admiration. There is a reason that all of these personal stories ended up in one book.”

“A beautiful book. Anyone who has been touched by cancer, either their own or that of a loved one, would enjoy this book. A perfect gift for someone newly diagnosed; it is the antidote to the despair of a new cancer diagnosis. The voices are so authentic and varied that the book appeals to a wide audience and is appropriate for all types and stages of cancer.”

“I Am With You is a book of hope and healing for new cancer patients. Cancer survivors share different aspects of their cancer story in this very moving and inspiring book about life. It is a book for everyone. I originally bought the book because a friend of mine wrote one of the chapters. I bought another copy for a client who was struggling with severe medical issues. However, once I started reading, I opened up to so much more. It is a heart-felt experience. So far every story has brought me to tears.”

“I love this book. I Am With You is just that! A beautiful book that becomes one’s companion, coach and best friend when going through the cancer journey, or really any challenging journey one encounters in life. I was so inspired and motivated by this compilation of heartfelt, courageous and honest stories, written by mostly cancer survivors themselves, as they traveled their unique paths through illness and into the healing process. I highly recommend this book to anyone.” 

“This should be essential reading for new cancer patients. If I were newly diagnosed with cancer and received this book, I really wouldn’t feel alone. If you know someone with cancer, reach out and be part of their community of support. They need you. Bring them dinner, walk their dog, watch TV together — whatever it is they would like you to do. Love them.”

“I took my Warrior Mask off just long enough to read these courageous, inspiring essays in Nancy’s book. We all need stories overflowing with wisdom, healing, hope and love. Thanks, Nancy, for the uplifting reminder of how precious life is and how tenacious we must be to preserve it. If there was a word stronger than BRILLIANT to describe this book, I would use it. I have tears of joy for these amazing fighters and for their willingness to share their stories with us. These stories shine on us the light we need to keep moving forward despite the odds. Do your friends a favor if they are fighting any kind of debilitating illness and send them a copy of this book NOW.


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