Got Cancer? Broke? Really!

Source: Stupid Cancer Got cancer? Broke? Really! That’s a shocker. [sarcasm]. We’ve scoured the web to put together this list of resources below whose collective missions are to reduce the financial burden that a diagnosis of cancer can bring. Note: We try to keep this list as updated as possible. […]

Education Scholarships

Source: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Last updated June 13, 2013   Because we want to be sure that our visitors find the most relevant resources, we’ve listed these organizations in order of relevancy from most specifically relevant to most generally relevant to the topic of this page. 2-1-1 Population served: […]

College Scholarship for Children of Breast Cancer Patients to provide unbiased reviews for Home and Kitchen Products in the form of Top 10 Lists. Homekitchenary is now going to start a Breast cancer awareness campaign named as “Share your story with Homekitchenary”. Sharing your personal story can provide solace to yourself and offer hope for others. In […]

Cancer Scholarships

Students who struggle with or succeed in their fight against cancer deserve assistance in their pursuit of a postsecondary education. According to the National Cancer Institute, about 8 million Americans have a history of cancer. The many ambitious students who attend college despite their health setbacks display impressive resolve, one […]

Scholarships for Cancer Survivors

American Cancer Society 1-800-842-7144     Cancer Survivors’ Fund 1-281-437-7142     Care. Commit. Change. CCC is the premier source of financial information for college-bound cancer survivors.     I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation 40 Worth St. Ste 808 New York, NY 10013 877-735-4673 […]