**If Your Child Has Cancer …

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, families and parents will need to know about and cope with many problems. This document, which offers ideas for managing the costs of cancer diagnosis and treatment, is one in a series of documents for parents and caregivers of a child with cancer. […]

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, money is usually not the first thing that comes to mind You might not want to think about money right now, but it could become a problem. Some people must work out money issues before they can even start treatment. For others, it becomes a […]


Health Insurance

Many studies show that successfully managing and treating illness is highly dependent upon access to high-quality health care. In the United States, such access generally requires health insurance to cover or offset the costs of care. Most people obtain their insurance through their employer or through government programs such as […]

10 Things People With Cancer Should Know About Health Insurance

To a person who isn’t an insurance industry insider, the ins and outs of health insurance can be confusing. Throw a diagnosis of a chronic condition like cancer into the mix and the confusion can easily turn into frustration. The good news is that with the right resources and knowledge, […]

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act can save lives from cancer. Learn how the new law could help you and the people you love. We have some of the best health care in the world, but for many years that care has gone to fewer and fewer people who can afford it. […]

How to Manage Health Insurance When You Have Cancer

Learning you have cancer means you’ll want to work with a medical team that can help you create the best possible treatment plan. But it also means you need to understand your health insurance coverage. Like any complex health condition, treating cancer can involve many different types of care, and […]

The Cost of Cancer … Life, Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

When I blow out my birthday candles next month, I’ll celebrate being alive. But my 25th birthday will also mark a one-year countdown to the date when I will no longer have health insurance. Like many, many other young adults who don’t have insurance through an employer, I rely on […]

Insurance and Other Financial Issues

A.M. Best Company Find insurance company ratings. www.ambest.com/ Affordable Care Act (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) Find information on choosing a health insurance plan and the Affordable Care Act. www.healthcare.gov/choose-a-plan/ American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Find detailed information on Medicare and other health insurance programs for people […]