I Am with You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients

My name is Nancy Novack. I am the Founder and Executive Director  of Nancy’s List and Nancy’s Club. Our mission is to do what we can to assure that “No one ever goes through cancer alone.” I am a very grateful survivor of Stage IV ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed 13 years ago and […]

Dethroning “The Emperor of All Maladies” by Judith A. Salerno

The Huffington Post March 26, 2015 We are standing at an extraordinary moment. For nearly 4,000 years of recorded history, cancer in all its forms was an implacable foe. Doctors, patients, and researchers won incremental victories, but for millennia, the word “cancer” was too dreadful to speak aloud. Now each […]

What is Cancer?

Source: Stanford Cancer Center Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. Cancer cells rapidly reproduce despite restriction of space, nutrients shared by other cells, or signals sent from the body to stop reproduction. Cancer cells are often shaped differently from healthy cells, they do not function properly, and they can […]

Fighting Cancer In A Country Without A Word For It

Philippa Kibugu-Decuir aims to prevent breast cancer deaths in East Africa using a survivor’s most powerful weapon: knowledge. By Kellie M. Walsh March 15, 2017 Teaching is, and always has been, Philippa Kibugu-Decuir’s calling: from the time she was a little girl giving lessons to her playmates, to her combined 28 […]

In Maintenance Mode, Living in the Moment by Susan Gubar

Living with Cancer The New York Times Well February 16, 2017 For most people with cancer, life has conventional stages that I can sum up with acronyms: B.C. (before cancer), A.D. (at diagnosis), S.S.N. (some surgical nightmare), RATS (radiation therapies), ICH (in chemotherapy), followed by IRS (in a remission of […]

An Expert in Fear by Susan Gubar

Living with Cancer The New York Times Well May 18, 2017   Nothing instills fear like cancer: a sometimes unseen and unfelt but murderous presence inside the body that sets out to destroy the body. At my diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2008, I stressed about when and why and […]

With Immense Gratitude by Nancy Novack

On April 29, 2004, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer which had metastasized to my liver. That was 13 years ago. I had no idea what any of that meant, despite living on this planet in northern California for sixty years. I didn’t know anything about the treatment, […]

The Generosity of Strangers by Nancy Novack

Many of you have heard my story of surviving stage 4 ovarian cancer which had metastasized to my liver. I was diagnosed 13 years ago. And that I created Nancy’s List as my “love letter” to the universe, my thank you note for my miraculous recovery. I truly enjoy defying […]