How to Help a Patient Who Has Cancer by Stephanie St. Martin

  October 16, 2012 Nothing is worse than hearing that someone you love has cancer. It’s even harder when it’s your parent. As children, we typically see our parents as strong and invincible. When they get sick, it’s tough. Your roles may reverse, and you may have to start caring for […]

What Helps, By Age of the Child

Source: American Cancer Society 8/07/2012 Infants or Very Young Children Keep the baby or child near the parents or a trusted adult who is a consistent part of the child’s life, if possible. Have a parent or trusted adult who is a consistent part of the child’s life spend time […]

Esperar – Care for the Caregiver by Michael Parra

Paul sat upright. The hair on the back of his head looked blond, and then I realized I was seeing his scalp through his thinning hair. His nurses said that it was unusual for a patient to hold onto his hair two months into chemotherapy, but was that a good sign or […]

The Caregiving Boomerang by Gail Sheehy

  Newsweek July, 2010 The most devoted family caretakers are at risk of dying first themselves. Survival strategies from the author of Passages. Fifty is the gateway to the most liberating passage in a woman’s life. Children are making test flights out of the nest. Parents are expected to be roaming […]

I’m Not a Caregiver, Am I? by Lindsay Ray

Russel and Linda DeCamp never considered themselves caregivers in the formal sense, even though Russel took care of Linda through two diagnoses of breast cancer, and Linda cared for Russel during his bout with colon cancer in 2007. I never thought of it in that term, just more in the […]

Advice for Caregivers of Relatives With Cancer

 THE NEW YORK TIMES July 3, 2013   Readers were invited to ask Julia Bucher, a registered nurse and an author of a caregiving book, about handling a family member’s new illness, specifically cancer. Dr. Bucher is an associate professor of nursing at York College of Pennsylvania, in York, Pa., where […]

12 Ways to Support a Breast Cancer Warrior by Wendy Donner

The Huffington Post March 2, 2015 Given that one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life, chances are you’ll have the opportunity to don your pink ribbons and stand by in support of your friend, sister, mother, or daughter. Breast cancer is highly treatable […]

Caregiving During the Holidays

Holidays and special occasions are meant to be joyful times that create lasting memories. Many people enjoy reuniting with family and friends to celebrate traditions during these times. However, for the person who is caring for a loved one with cancer, it can be challenging to balance caregiving responsibilities while […]