Stupid Cancer

To navigate through the healthcare system can be so very frustrating.  At the Stupid Cancer OMG! Summit, we met amazing doctors who gave of their time and talents to speak to us, we took classes on caring for the caregivers, and so much more.  We became empowered to unite with what Stupid Cancer stands for, to make the industry recognize that young adult cancer must be treated differently than other cancers.While our daughter Ashley was recovering from her first brain cancer surgery, she slipped into a deep depression.  What 20-year-old wants to quit college & move back in with their parents?  Not really what a young woman who is planning on changing the world had in her hopes and dreams (and certainly not what her dad and I were planning for our ’empty nest’ years).  Then she found Stupid Cancer.  She began to talk about people she had been meeting through Stupid Cancer forums and we could see that she felt she now had peers that understood.  For all of us, it has been a way to finally connect with others who ‘get it’.

As a parent of a young adult cancer patient, I plan to be as involved as possible with Stupid Cancer to bring the needs of our children to the forefront of the healthcare industry.  We must make Stupid Cancer a force that will become as well-recognized as other cancer foundations.  Please join with me in this cause, because Stupid Cancer is THE charity that is representing our children and their unique needs!

Through the OMG! Summits in Las Vegas and New York, the Stupid Cancer Radio Show and their other innovative programs, Stupid Cancer is building a supportive community, improving quality of life and encouraging meaningful survivorship.
Please join me and DONATE NOW to support Stupid Cancer in their mission to empower all young adults affected by cancer.



Jayna Martin, mother of Ashley, who is a survivor of brain cancer


Within the young adult cancer community, we hold no one’s disease above anyone else’s. It is not a contest about body parts because the playing field is leveled when stupid cancer comes along. There are no “good” cancers. Benign tumors can be just as devastating as malignant ones. Issues of isolation, fertility, relationships, fear, parenting, caregiving, careers and insurance are equally shared. We believe that when the doctor says, “You’re cured. Go home.”, that’s not the end of the story. We have the right to survive with dignity and quality and we deserve to be treated age-appropriately. Cancer survivorship is an art; and the art of your survivorship is how you choose to get busy living. This is who we are. We are one community. We are hundreds of thousands strong. We are changing the rules. We are STUPID CANCER!

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