**SoH:Posting Your Cancer on Facebook … Life, Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

In the world of social media, we are our own self-portraitists. Our digital identity is doctored to show the best version of our lives. (Maybe a more apt name for Facebook would have been “Best Face” book.) It’s not a new observation to point out the disparities between our online […]

**SoH:Brotherly Love by Suleika Jaouad

  There are a lot of things about having cancer in your 20s that feel absurd. One of those instances was when I found myself calling my brother Adam on Skype while he was studying abroad in Argentina to tell him that I had just been diagnosed with leukemia and […]

**SoH: 100 Days to Heal by Suleika Jaouad

The New York Times Well October 20, 2015 For the better half of my early 20s, I was Bubble Girl. When I found out I had leukemia at 22 my world suddenly dwindled to four white walls, a hospital bed, fluorescent lights and a thicket of tubes and wires connecting […]

**SoH: Real Housewives of Chemotherapy … Life, Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

  I am never happy to be in the oncology waiting room. But when I first saw Kristen Howard sitting across from me at Mount Sinai Hospital, I could barely contain my excitement. Since my diagnosis with leukemia two years ago at age 22, I’ve learned that it is a […]

**SoH: Feeling Guilty About Cancer … Life, Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

Guilt, like cancer, is a greedy guest feasting on its host. It is nondiscriminatory. We have all felt it, wondered what it was doing there, willed it to go away. I’m aware that feeling guilty about having cancer is more than a little irrational. But when it comes to cancer, […]

**SoH:Making Resolutions … Life, Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

In my darkest days in the oncology unit, I promised myself that if I ever got into remission one day, I would become a stronger, healthier and better version of my precancer self. What could be a bigger inspiration to live a healthier life than surviving cancer? I imagined that […]

**SoH: Finding My Cancer Style … Life, Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

The New York Times June 2012 One year ago, almost to the day, I asked my hairdresser to cut off 16 inches of my hair. It was a pre-emptive strike. A few days later I would be admitted to the oncology unit at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan to undergo […]

**SoH: ‘Survival Lessons’ by Alice Hoffman

The author of The Drowning Season, Here on Earth and many other beloved books set out to write down the lessons she didn’t want to forget after recovery. Author Alice Hoffman, a 15-year cancer survivor, takes a look back at the life lessons learned during her illness and recovery in […]