The Awesome Way This Woman With Stage IV Cancer Is Taking On Chemo

Karen Walsh, you are brave as hell. Several weeks after Karen Walsh turned 40, she saw a doctor for what felt like a stomach cramp. It turned out to be stage IV colon cancer. Walsh, an accomplished Broadway actress and mother of two, had eight tumors in her liver and three […]

Not All Bad Comes to Harm You

                  Thousands of people have cancer. Thousands more are fighting it. Thousands more are living with it. Author Janice Mock is just one of those thousands. But as a survivor of stage four ovarian cancer, she shares her story to help others […]


When I woke up this morning the sun had just started peeking out above the horizon. I don’t usually get up so early, but I had left a curtain open and the first rays of the day gently poured into my room and surrounded me. My eyes couldn’t help but […]

Lost in Transition After Cancer

Suleika Jaouad writes about the challenges faced by young adults and her experiences with cancer. “You are being deported,” a surgeon announced to me last fall. That’s a scary thing for a child of two immigrants to hear. But he was referring to the removal of my port, a medical […]

My Definition of a Rotten Day Has Changed

Cancer has not been easy but it’s taught me the value of each day My definition of a rotten day has changed. This story relates to Inner Strengths, one of the 7 Pillars in our life-changing course at Have you ever had a rotten day? A day where you […]

‘How Generous Are You Willing To Be?’ A Dance Teaching Story

When I was 20 years old, a junior at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, I made an incredibly brave choice. I decided to dedicate one third of my college curriculum to the studying of modern dance. Prior to that point I had been studying psychology, philosophy, writing and religion, […]

3 Time Cancer Survivor Turned Chief Eternal Optimist

Chief Eternal Optimist. That’s the title under my name these days. When the director of my foundation told me we’d be printing business cards and asked if I’d like to be addressed as CEO, the first thought that came to my mind was, “Only if I can be the Chief […]

Writer Alice Hoffman Shares ‘Survival Lessons’ from Breast Cancer in New Book

The author of The Drowning Season, Here on Earth and many other beloved books set out to write down the lessons she didn’t want to forget after recovery. Author Alice Hoffman, a 15-year cancer survivor, takes a look back at the life lessons learned during her illness and recovery in […]