Prostate Cancer Support at Marin General Hospital

While undergoing treatment, every prostate cancer patient is paired with a specialized patient navigator for guidance every step of the way. For additional assistance, we offer access to a variety of support groups, and programs described below. Based on our extensive support systems, we are the proud recipients of a grant from To Celebrate Life Cancer Foundation.

Support groups are free. Registration is encouraged. Unless otherwise noted, all support groups meet at the Cancer Resource & Recovery Center.

Prostate Cancer Self-Support Group
This informative group meets to exchange views and concerns, and to give positive support to each other. The goal of this group is to provide a safe place for participants to understand the impact prostate cancer may have on their lifestyle. There is no facilitator; however, the common interest of the group and the respect members show for each other create a mutual bond. This group is an official American Cancer Society Man to Man Support Group, as well as a designated Us TOO International Support Group. Wives and significant others are welcome to attend.

    • Meets every Tuesday, 7 to 8:30 pm.
    • Medical Staff Library, Marin General Hospital (Second Floor of East Wing)
    • Free, registration not required.
    • Call Stan Rosenfeld 415-459-4668 or e-mail for more information.

Support Services for Spouses and Families of Prostate Cancer Patients
Spouses and adult family members are invited to attend the following patient activities:

    • Medical appointments
    • Afternoon Conference, where treatment options are discussed with the interdisciplinary medical team and treatment plan decisions are made—we particularly encourage participation in this conference
    • Individual patient education sessions
    • Group patient education (e.g., nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations)
    • Prostate Cancer Support Group

Family Involvement in Patient Support
Spouses and other family members can play an important role in helping the prostate cancer patient cope with the disease and make treatment decisions. By educating themselves about our program, meeting the patient’s care team, and learning more about the disease itself, loved ones can ease their own concerns about the mysteries of cancer and better focus on helping the patient recover.


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