**One of the My Favorite Things about Nancy’s List

One of my very favorite things at holiday time is our partnership with LITA’s Bridging Generations.


“Bridging Generations connects Marin County senior home residents with elementary school students. Throughout the school year, students and senior buddies meet to develop intergenerational friendships. As they come together for various activities, such as interviews, poetry, drawing and game playing, they develop a mutually beneficial relationship built on respect. As the year progresses, students learn that residents in nearby senior homes are not the only isolated people in need of their friendship and compassion.

Bridging Generations partners create holiday cards for Nancy’s List, a Marin County cancer support organization. Their generosity of spirit is revealed in colorful messages delivered to local children’s hospitals by founder Nancy Novack.

For students, this activity fosters an awareness of others less fortunate, cultivating empathy. For seniors,  it is a chance to further connect to the community by being part of a meaningful project.”  …. Dena Selix, Intergenerational Coordinator

I have a joyous feeling of community and a glow of being ‘Santa Claus’ when I deliver the cards to children who are spending the holidays in the hospitals.
BTW, all the cards made in Mill Valley have peace signs …. I have never figured out whether those are drawn by the children or the seniors.

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