Not All Bad Comes to Harm You


Thousands of people have cancer. Thousands more are fighting it. Thousands more are living with it. Author Janice Mock is just one of those thousands. But as a survivor of stage four ovarian cancer, she shares her story to help others find new insight, strength, inspiration, and self-awareness. Changing her focus from victim to survivor, Mock inspires with her tenacity to choose life over death, and her heartfelt desire to embrace the joy to be found in each moment of our lives.

Wonderful reviews …

“This 170 page book, so beautifully and thoughtfully written, pulled me out of a very sad place – post divorce depression. Though I was dealing with a death of sorts, I was not facing my own so squarely in the face as Ms. Mock was. Not All Bad Comes to Harm You made me acutely aware that indeed, not all bad comes to harm you!! I wept while reading her profoundly honest, smart and yes, humorous – Ms. Mock is quite funny – observations of her inspiring journey surviving cancer. She takes the “C” out of cancer and places it firmly into Courage! Courage to face cancer and the myriad of exhaustive information. Courage to face the choices she’s made and will make in her life. Courage to face her own mortality. Courage to live with a capital “L”.

“My suggestion, learn firsthand is this: Stop. Breathe. Just be. Know that everything will be as it is, but for now, only this moment matters. It’s really all we have, after all. Don’t fear the fear. It’s art of what makes us human. Just it go, and be where you are. – Page 107

“I highly recommend this inspiring book. Ms. Mock helped me find the strength to move out of the darkness of emotional pain and into the lightness of living. I’m forever in her debt. Thank you!”



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