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I Am with You … Love Letters to Cancer Patients is a powerful book for the newly-diagnosed patient and for those who are going through treatment and for everyone else in the world as well.

My amazing daughter-in-law, Carrie Baum, said, “This book is not about cancer. It is about living well.”

I need your help in getting this book into the hands of those who need it most when they need it most.

It is time to honor those who have triumphed into remission.
It is time to say “I miss you” to those who have not.
It is time to say “Thank you and blessings” to the many angels who have so generously offered their hands and their hearts and helped to heal our spirits and our bodies.

I would like you to consider DONATING copies of I Am with You … Love Letters to Cancer Patients in their honor …
to place the book at the bedsides of hospitalized patients, in the infusion and radiation centers, the (painful and lengthy) waiting rooms, the new patient binders, the libraries, the gift shops …

For example, I am donating 10 books to the “ANGELS” in Stanford’s Comprehensive Care infusion center to share with people in treatment.
When they run out because patients have quietly placed them in their backpacks, I agree to send more.

So ….
Think of the people who need a hug and a thank you.
Think of the ways you can “give back” to the patients who need your support.

Here is the simple part …
The book is soon selling at $17.00. I will sell it to you at $14.00. Send a check to Nancy’s List (3421 Pecos Street, Unit 4, Austin, Texas 78703) for the number of books you wish to gift, the contact person and the address, and exactly where you want to place the book (in the hospital waiting rooms, the libraries, gift shops, clinics, doctors’ offices, cancer foundations, medical schools and student libraries, cancer conferences and retreats, healing centers, support groups …) with the words for your card of appreciation.
I will gift-wrap it, inscribe it, and send it away.

And you will get a letter of acknowledgment from me for a tax-deductible contribution.

You can order one book for your best friend or your oncologist. You can order 100 books.

We need to get this beautiful book on the bedside tables of the people who need us now…

With immense appreciation for all the ANGELS who root for me …

Nancy Novack, Ph.D.
3421 Pecos Street, Unit 4
Austin, Texas 78703
415 383-3058

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