***IAWY:May I Have the Courage by Gabrielle Roth


“May I have the courage to live through all the things that my dance reveals to me. All the things I’ve pushed down inside that need to come up and out through me, so I can be an empty vessel of perfection, of love.

“May I have the courage to get out of my way, to become all that I am, and to hook myself up with my deepest yearnings. To stand up for my truth. To break through my own walls of resistance.

“May I have the courage to embrace my body while it’s still here. To express my heart. To allow it to be part of my body, part of my spontaneity, part of my expression.

“May I have the courage to let my head go and trust that there is something guiding me. That there is some enormous amazing purpose to my existence. That I wasn’t thrown here as some accidental afterthought of some mean cowboy.

“May I have the courage to stand with my own story, what ever it is and was. To know that I and only I have the power to erase it and to move beyond it confines, however good, or bad, or weird, or twisted, or wondrous they may have been. They were and I am.

“May I have the courage to witness another, to encourage, to celebrate, to support, to catalyze their growth, to be committed to the poetry of their existence.

“May I have the courage to be myself. To be real. And may I please have the courage to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves.”


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