With love …

Today is one of those very amazing days when I have the joy of delivering hundreds and hundreds of hand-made valentines to the patients at our local hospitals … the very best valentines ever made. Thank you to the children in kindergarten through third grade at St. Mark’s School in San Rafael. And my gratitude always to Dena Selix and L.I.T.A. for organizing this wonderful “gift of hearts”. And immense appreciation to the teachers …. Ronnie Feldman, Jennifer Southern, Lisa Becker, Geneva Conway, Elissa Lozier, Cathy Sedlock, Julie Fritz, Eileen O’Hare, Leslie Sigler, Richard Naverette, Kristen Koenig, Luz Strohm, Ellen McLaughlin, Alli Decker, Thad Reichley, Wendy Broderick, and Fernanda Pernambuco. You have brought many many smiles to the special courageous people in our community. Thank you, thank you.


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