**IAWYKeeping Hope Alive by Russ Messing Ph.D.

KEEPING HOPE ALIVE has turned into a nationwide community event, thanks to the work of Nancy Novack.

Ten years ago, when my dear friend Nancy told us about her cancer diagnosis, shock, then sadness, and then the incredibly rapid dawning that this could be the end for our lifelong friendship struck us like so many blows. What did we do? We did not wallow. We did not beat our breasts. We jumped in with both feet. We drove with Nancy to her doctors’ appointments, and sat with her in silence, in grief, in hope, and in encouragement. We shared her fears. We walked beside our friend both figuratively and literally. Of course, it helped that Nancy is an indefatigable optimist, a doer, and a courageous woman.

I won’t have hair? Oh well, I’ll get the most outrageous and glamorous wig. In fact, I’ll get a few.

People will be afraid to talk to me about this? Oh, well, I’ll talk about it, I’ll demystify it, I’ll enlist people’s support. I’ll create a nonprofit to help people deal with the shock, the reality, the disbelief, and the terror of the diagnosis.

My psychology practice will be negatively affected? Don’t even think about it. I have a story to tell of courage and resilience and coping. How can that not be helpful to others?

Nancy’s can-do attitude, her ability to fight through her fears and doubts, the fatigue, the pain, the uncertainty—all were and are essential in her one-step-at-a-time triumphs.

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