Julie Wong, PT

Dear Friends,

One of the most significant healers in my journey is Julie Wong, PT, in San Francisco. I have considerable scar tissue as a “side effect” of ovarian cancer. I started working with Julie over a year ago when the pain and swelling in my abdomen scared me. She is extraordinary!!! I encourage you to read her website www.juliewongpt.com and to talk with her, particularly about her work with breast cancer survivors, and decide if she should be one of your healers. I am immensely grateful to have Julie in my life.


“I was raised in San Francisco and attended Galileo High School, SF State and then UCSF for PT school.  As a staff orthopedic specialist PT at CPMC in 1986, I recognized private physical therapy practice as an environment where the patients could receive the most helpful and specialized treatment available.  Protocol could be expanded to include newer innovative treatments plans. Clinicians could share experience.  We could confront cases that had been given up or abandoned.  And we succeeded.  Patients who had been told to “live with it” or “quit” discovered otherwise and other ways.

I contracted cancer and discovered a vacuum of care and information for patients.  My background as an orthopedic specialist combined with my osteopathic studies and applications allowed me to develop protocols never conceived or tried.  The work and study with Phillip Greenman, DO, at Michigan State since 1987 were instrumental to my ability to understand and fuse disciplines to create new protocol.  Helping patients regain function, comfort, and understanding has been rewarding for all of us.  There are very few cases that cannot be improved significantly and, as long as patients are willing, we’re able.

Growing our physical therapy clinic is the proof that excellence and success for patients can be achieved daily in cases where patients were previously cautioned to prepare to give up.   We’re thankful for the opportunity to share in their success. ”

…. Julie Wong, PT


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