Rachel Naomi Remen MD


Rachel has been a true mentor to me and one of the earliest and most enthusiastic supporters of Nancy’s List. I am always grateful to be in her presence and listen to her incredible use of the power of story-telling.

Rachel is offering a series of online workshops and talks about Remembering Your Power to Heal. Please tell everyone how fortunate we are to share this experience. I will update you when teleconference workshops are announced.

RACHEL NAOMI REMEN, M.D., a master storyteller, is one of the most beloved  pioneers of holistic and integrative medicine. As a medical educator, therapist, speaker and physician, she has enabled many thousands of health professionals to bring themselves more fully to their work and countless patients to remember their power to heal.  She is Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF and internationally recognized for her curriculum, The Healer’s Art, which is taught in more than half of America’s medical schools and 7 countries abroad.

Her bestselling books Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings have sold more than a million copies and are translated into 22 languages.

Dr. Remen has had Crohn’s disease for more than 60 years. Her writing and teaching uniquely and seamlessly blend the wisdom, strength and courage of health professional and patient.

To hear the recording of the June 20th teleconference titled Medicine Woman Wisdom … 


Her second workshop on June 27th was for anyone whose life has been touched by illness: health professionals, patients, families.

Science describes life but does not define life. Life is larger than Science. Things commonly happen that science cannot explain. Cure is a work of science but healing is often a work of mystery, a personal encounter with the life force itself.

Mystery is not an idea; it’s an experience, a part of everyday life that most of us are too busy and too distracted to notice. This workshop is an opportunity to become more aware of the presence of mystery and healing in your own life and work and regain a sense of strength, possibility and hope. Come prepared to reclaim wonder, awe and aliveness and see both your life and your work in new ways.

A master storyteller, Dr. Remen will share compelling front-line stories of the ways the will to live and mystery shows itself to us and reminds us that we all have the power to heal. Let go of beliefs that are too small and to celebrate life as it is.  



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Will to live short clip


check markRecognize the ways the will to live shows itself 
check markRecognize the presence of mystery in your life
check markExplore your attitudes towards the Unknown
check markDiscuss experiences of mystery with others
check markLearn tools to strengthen the ability to recognize mystery
check markRecognize the role of mystery in the prevention of burnout

Rachel will offer some thoughts and stories on the will to live and mystery followed by experiential learning through group exercises using novel teleconference technology that allows for independent groups to hold conversations.