**IAWY Generosity of Donors

The Generosity of Donors Cancer centers place the copies of I Am with You (italics) in the new patient binders, at the bedsides of hospitalized patients, in the infusion and radiation centers, the anxiety-provoking waiting rooms, the libraries, and in the gift shops. Because of the generosity of individuals and […]

**IAWY – Intro and Purchase

I Am With You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients (italics whenever it is used) is a powerful book for the newly-diagnosed patient, for those who are going through treatment or have entered remission, for loved ones, and for everyone else in the world as well. My amazing daughter-in-law, Carrie Baum, said, “This book […]

***IAWY:May I Have the Courage by Gabrielle Roth

  “May I have the courage to live through all the things that my dance reveals to me. All the things I’ve pushed down inside that need to come up and out through me, so I can be an empty vessel of perfection, of love. “May I have the courage […]

**IAWYKeeping Hope Alive by Russ Messing Ph.D.

KEEPING HOPE ALIVE has turned into a nationwide community event, thanks to the work of Nancy Novack. Ten years ago, when my dear friend Nancy told us about her cancer diagnosis, shock, then sadness, and then the incredibly rapid dawning that this could be the end for our lifelong friendship […]

**IAWY Steven

The Art of Falling by Steven Baum I know how to fall. I realized this in midair. After a year of training for a triathlon, and just days before the race, I crashed my bike at 40 mph into the side of a crossing pickup truck. Doctors and nurses were […]

**IAWY Words from the Readers

  Words from the readers … “I Am With You is a collection of 42 short pieces by and about people facing cancer. The book is encouraging, even inspirational – whether one is newly diagnosed with cancer, facing extended treatments, re-entering life after treatment, or facing death in oneself or a loved […]

**IAWY Max

A Little Worse for Wear by Max Jennings These days when I’m driving and a song from the past few years comes on the radio, I hastily change the station, my fingers scrambling with the flimsy plastic presets. Even if I’m quick, the familiar words or melodies trigger what I’ve […]

**IAWY Benjamin

To My Next Thirty Cancer -Free Years by Benjamin Rubenstein A friend of mine did not want to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. She hadn’t accomplished what she had expected. She drowned in a void — her hollowness filled with a ticking clock, save-the- date cards, movies and shows with typical […]