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I Am With You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients (italics whenever it is used) is a powerful book for the newly-diagnosed patient, for those who are going through treatment or have entered remission, for loved ones, and for everyone else in the world as well. My amazing daughter-in-law, Carrie Baum, said, “This book is not about cancer. It is about living well.”

I created the anthology with 42 authors who truly share my vision, my passion, my mission. We bring hope and courage to patients when they need inspiration, when they are feeling the loneliness and fear and anger and loss that go hand in hand with a cancer diagnosis, when they need comfort and a warm heart and a hand to hold.

On that sleepless night of the day I was diagnosed, I needed to relate with people who knew how to talk to me, who understood what I was freaking out about, who had been there, who had the same or worse fears, who just simply knew who I was in that moment. I didn’t need all the answers to my enormous questioning but I desperately needed to feel connected to kindred spirits. Our book offers that special relationship.

I Am With You is truly a love letter. Our wish is that this offering of hope and healing will sustain cancer patients through those first frightening nights after they hear their diagnosis, and every night thereafter. This is the spirit in which this anthology was written.

Words from the authors …

“Cancer cannot foreclose on my astonishment at the mystery of life.” –John Smith

“One of the most unforeseen benefits of living with cancer is the intimacy it creates with individuals we barely know. Affections spring up with surprising force.” –Susan Gubar

“I love so much around me with all the pieces of my shattered heart.” –Max Jennings

“I defy every attempt to limit me to my diagnosis as I dare the world to ignore it.” –Marcy Westerling

“Think of this as a blanket permission slip to be mad, sad, scared, happy, empowered, confused, exhausted, up, down, furious and doubtful, but, most of all, use this as your permission slip to be hopeful.” –Allison W. Gryphon


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