The Generosity of Strangers by Nancy Novack

Nancy DSC_0130Many of you have heard my story of surviving stage 4 ovarian cancer which had metastasized to my liver. I was diagnosed 13 years ago. And that I created Nancy’s List as my “love letter” to the universe, my thank you note for my miraculous recovery. I truly enjoy defying medical odds and being the poster child for Stanford’s Cancer Center.

You probably have heard me speak of the ‘generosity of strangers’, those who became angels in my healing process, and how they opened my heart emotionally and spiritually and gave me permission to live and love … with wild abandon. The ‘strangers’ taught me what I needed to learn … to live my life with immense appreciation and to truly take the exquisite moment to “feel” my gratitude.

Nancy’s List and Nancy’s Club exist totally because of the big hearts of so many people who embrace the imperative that we need to stand up to cancer in our communities and take care of our neighbors who are living with cancer …. with boundless love and compassion and inspiration … for these resilient souls are our true teachers.

My sister said, “You have good karma.” I do …..

When I am asked, and I often am, about my understanding of my healing process, I always think of transformation. My experience is one of incredible heart opening as I feel so many people, from my kindergarten friends of old to the nurses in the chemo infusion room, offering hope and cheering for my success. In some mysterious and magical way, I hear the message: Say YES to life for as long as I can and give myself permission to fall in love in abundant ways. How cool is that!

Nancy’s List is my way of saying thank you.



  1. Nancy,

    This is beautiful. You are such a warrior! Speaking with you was so uplifting, and reading your posts is equally amazing.

    Best wishes,

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