Freebies and Discounts for Cancer Patients

Air Fare:

Air Care Alliance (ACA).  Provides listing of nonprofit organizations, nationwide, that fly patients to treatments at no charge. 800-296-1217;

Corporate Angel Network, Inc. (CAN) Free airfare for cancer patients who can walk and travel without life-support or medical attention.

National Patient Travel Center Helpline Gateway leading to options to pay airfare  as well as for ground transportation for trips up to 300 miles to get to and from treatment. 1-800-296-1217; info@nationalpatienttravelcenter.org


Basic Needs:

Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund (BMCF). Forpatients ages 18-40.  Provides services to meet daily needs not covered by insurance. Typically $600 of medical co-payments, rent and mortgage, transportation, car insurance, repairs, and groceries;; 661-310-7950

Cancer Fund of America. Food, clothes, hygiene, and other products;

Children’s Cancer Fund of America.Children with cancer receive $25 to $50 each month.

National Children’s Cancer Society. Financial assistance, meals during treatment, phone cards, lodging during treatment, health insurance premiums, medical expenses not covered by insurance. Child must be diagnosed on or before his/her 18th birthday) 314-241-1600; 800-532-6459;

United Way. Their 2-1-1 telephone helpline provides information and referral with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling resources and


Breast Cancer Screenings:

Free MRI’s or help paying for them. For any woman with US residency. On-line application: Or have a form mailed or faxed to you by calling Patient Services Inc 800-366-7741.


Breast Prostheses and Post-mastectomy Bras:

Breast Form Fund. These items are free for underserved women. Also provided is professional support and information for anyone coping with breast Or Contact Breast Form Fund: 413-584-6673.

Breast Friends. These items are free for women with no or very limited insurance.  Other offerings, such as volunteer matches providing emotional, spiritual, and social support to survivors with any female cancer (one on one in some locations; by phone anywhere in the county);;

Crickett’s Answer For Cancer. Free for any woman with breast cancer.; 717-843-7903; 301-935-4411

Liberator Fashions. Free catalog of mastectomy bras and other lingerie. Company will see that qualifying customers get insurance reimbursement. Often no or little out-of-pocket expense for items.

Y-Me. Breast prostheses and mastectomy bras for women with limited resources; YourShoes 24/7 Breast Cancer Support Center. 800-221-2141.


Camping (for kids with cancer as well as programs for siblings):Most are free

Camp directories by state and city:

Camp Kesem. Camp for kids whose parents have had cancer. A free week of games, arts, crafts and facilitated conversations for six-to sixteen-year-olds. Parents may be living with cancer or have died of cancer;;; 260-225-3736.



Counseling, Tai Chi, yoga, exercise classes, meditation, guided imagery. Support groups for family members, on-line forums for survivors. Free through the Wellness Community in many cities.; 888-793-9355

American Cancer Society. “I Can Cope.” Class via phone from your home addressing issues like nutrition, finances, emotional well-being and pain management.  800-ACS-2345

American Cancer Society. “Look Good…Feel Better.” Cosmetics and workshop on making yourself up. Free. For women undergoing treatment.  800-ACS-2345


Colon Cancer Help:

A $300 grant for colon cancer patients in treatment to help with rent, utilities, food, or other essentials.  For colon cancer patients making less than $75,000 a year. Blue Note Fund of the Colon Cancer Alliance; 202-628-0123

Ostomy supplies.Free for uninsured colon cancer patients. Call for other free supports  like educational programs. Colon Cancer Alliance.; 202-628-0123

A $250 grant to qualified colorectal cancer patients.  Help with living expenses like child care, transportation to and from appointments,  groceries, cleaning services, and wigs. Chris 4Life. htttp://; 773-551-5434



Free GasUSA. Assistance paying for gas to get to treatments, grocery shopping, and other places of



Breasts Friends Hat Project. Free hats to women in treatment for cancer.;

Caps Against Cancer. Free ball caps for patients who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments. PO Box 38731 Charlotte, NC 28278;

Hats for Happiness. Free (new and lovingly worn)

Heavenly Hats. Free hats to cancer survivors around the United States; 

Hats off for Cancer. Free hats for children and young adults up to age 21.


House Cleanings:

Free. Four monthly cleanings for women with cancer. In many states.; 877-337-3348


Legal Assistance:

Cancer Legal Resource Center. Provides free information and resources on cancer-related legal issues to cancer survivors, their families, and others dealing with cancer; 866-843-2572;

Patient Advocate Foundation. Not legal service, but will advocate for patients whose insurance companies’ practices are questionable or help find


Lodging During Treatments:

Joe’s House/Hope Lodge. 800-ACS-2345. Discounted lodging during treatment;

American Cancer Society.  Lodging at downtown and suburban hotels for cancer patients. Discounted; 877-824-0660

National Association of Homes and Hospitality. Keeps a directory of nonprofits that offer free or significantly discounted lodging to patients during treatment;


Lymphedema Alert Band Alerts medics that you have or tend toward lymphedema. Free for patients with or at risk of developing; 1-800-29-EDEMA


Lymphedema sleeves and hand gauntlets. Free to any woman with breast cancer.; 717-843-7903; 301-935-4411



Meals on Wheels. Free Inhome-delivered meals for income-eligible adults and children. Available in most areas of the country. Some programs also offer other home-related assistance, such as grocery shopping; 703-548-5558;


Medications/Health Care: Financial Assistance for cancer care. 800-813-HOPE (4673);

Bone Marrow Foundation Patient Aid Program. Helps cover costs of donor searches, compatibility testing, bone marrow harvesting, medications, home and child care, medical equipment, transportation, cord blood banking, housing costs and other expenses associated with transplant; 212-838-3029; 800-3651336;

Needymeds. One-stop resource to find financial assistance for medications and health care costs.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Helps uninsured and financially struggling patients access healthcare and prescription assistance programs that offer medicines for free or nearly free.; or 1-888-4PPA-NOW.

Good Days (Chronic Disease Fund) Financial assistance with medication for the underinsured.


Ovarian Cancer Tumor Profiling Testing:

Free or discounted test, analysis and report. Downloadable application:



Lydia Project. Tote bag with “goodies” inside.Free.

Crickett’s Answer For Cancer.  Mastectomy massage, other massage therapies, facial, manicure, basket of pampering products. Free to any woman with breast cancer.; 717-843-7903; 301-935-4411


Rent or Utilities:

Breast Cancer Charities. For breast cancer patients during treatment. Those who qualify receive up to $500. Must be submitted by social worker or nurse;



Camp Mak-A-Dream. Medically supervised, cost-free Montana experience, in an intimate community setting, for different groups, including women of all cancers, ovarian cancer patients, children, and young adults with cancer.; 410-549-5987;

Casting for Recovery.Woman affected by cancer learnfish flying in a peaceful natural setting, while making friends.  Counseling, education, facilitated by health/psychosocial professionals.  Offered throughout most of the United States. 1-888-553-3500

First Descents. Kayaking, rock climbing and other outdoor adventures for young adults with cancer. Offered in six states. Free. Travel scholarships available to those in need. 303-945-2490;


Transportation to and from treatments and doctors appointments

Road to Recovery. Free. 800-ACS-2345;

Patient Travel Foundation. Long ground trips (and flights)

Vacations and Other Special Wishes:

Dream Foundation. Grants final dreams from the heart to adults with life-threatening illnesses. May include vacation with a couple of family members, help with a utility bill, an appliance, or gift for ill adult’s child. 805-564-2131;


Web-based Support Communities: Forum for help organizing assistance with meals, rides, and other support. Provides a platform for sharing information. On-line features include care journal to update family and friends, guest book for messages of support, photo gallery, and support for using the service Displays updates on the patient’s condition, photos, message board for visitors, open forums to connect to other CarePage members; researched health information Forums for updating friends and family, guest book for leaving messages, photo gallery for posting pictures, planner to facilitate scheduling help



American Cancer Society. Free. 800-ACS-2345 to locate a chapter near you

Wigs for Kids. For children under the age of 18. Free.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure. To locate a chapter near you;

Crickett’s Answer For Cancer. Wigs and other head fittings as well as salon services for wigs. Free to any woman with breast; 717-843-7903; 301-935-4411

Y-ME.  Wigs and styling tips for women with limited resources.  YourShoes 24/7 Breast Cancer Support Center; 800-221-2141