For Me …

I am 19 days away from honoring the 10th anniversary of the day when I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer which had metastasized into my liver big time. I am very reflective. You may hear from me every day as I become more so, and celebrate my amazing life …. since that big day.

Cancer changed everything.

For me, cancer generated my growth. It taught me the essence of gratitude. I so appreciate the generosity of strangers. I learned about courage and resilience. It enhanced my calling and added another level of significance to being a psychologist. It gave me the opportunity to offer hope to those who have lost theirs.

And cancer opened my heart … to love again, to trust again, and to let myself be loved. It gave me permission to live and love with wild abandon.

How do you use cancer to grow? How do you use cancer to let certain things you never liked so much die away?

With immense gratitude,





  1. I just found your blog and I am so grateful. I know only too well the amount of effort that goes into amassing and sharing such quality information. Thank you for paying it forward.

    Marcy Westerling

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