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For Any Cancer Diagnosis
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For Any Cancer Diagnosis
►Q.My son owes one hospital over $100,000 for surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He has recently been approved for Medicare but it will be impossible for him to pay the remaining costs, after Medicare pays, for any future treatment. Is there any legal help for him?

►Q.I have insurance, but I still have bills that are stressing me out. I thought I’d be covered, but I don’t know how I’m going to pay the part I’m being told I owe.

►Q.I’ve been having trouble paying my co-pays. I am self employed and with the downturn in the economy my business is way down. Where can I go to find some help?

►Q.I think I may have cancer but I don’t have any insurance and I’m not sure I can afford it. What can I do?

►Q.I receive Social Security Disability and Long-Term Disability. My doctor filled out my yearly forms to send to my insurance and said I was good to go back to work without discussing how I’m feeling. Now my insurance is sending me paperwork to go back to work and I don’t feel I am ready.

►Q.I am a 9 year metastatic cancer patient who does not have 40 consecutive work quarters to qualify/apply for SSD. My husband is 8 yrs older (age 68) and still working to provide me with reasonable medical insurance. His job is in jeopardy. If forced to retire how soon could I get medical benefits? I need to know how many years I would be paying for COBRA and HIPPA (afterwards). I also realize that after 2014 “pre-existing condition” may change for someone like me who can’t get medical insurance on my own.

►Q.I can’t afford to pay for my cancer medication. Is there help to pay for them?

For Breast Cancer
►Q.I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Even with insurance, I have many out-of-pocket expenses. What organizations can help me?

►Q.My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she has to pay almost $500 in co-pays for her medicine. How can we get help?

►Q.I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed for breast cancer in January 2013 and was out of work until July due to complications. I have insurance, but am left with a stack of bills that I owe for my care during this year. My insurance has a $600 deductible, and I have to pay 20% of what my insurance does not cover. I am unable to find any help other than for the medication related to the cancer and am extremely stressed over this. My husband is disabled and on a fixed income. Is there any help out there for co-pays and deductibles not related to medication? Thank you for any help you can give me.

►Q.I have metastatic breast cancer. I drive from Spartanberg, SC to Charleston, SC once a month and stay over for about two nights for treatment. Is there any help you give for transportation and/or lodging costs?

For Leukemia
►Q.About six months ago, my five-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and I had to leave work to take care of her. Now, I’m struggling financially and need help paying the bills. Where can I get help?

For Lung Cancer
►Q.My wife was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and we have health insurance. One of her chemotherapy drugs is very expensive and insurance only pays $1000 per chemo treatment. She is 63 and does not qualify for Medicare. We are looking at co-payment debt of over $100,000. Any suggestions?

►Q.My husband has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer and can no longer work. How do we pay our bills? I still work, but I don’t make enough money. Any advice would be appreciated.

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