Cancer & Fertility Information

Our goal with this section is to take the wealth of knowledge from the reproductive community and make it relevant and accessible to you – the cancer community.

Fertility Risks

Unfortunately, there is not good data on every type of cancer and every type of treatment. A summary of what is known is available here. Research is advancing every day, so ask your doctor for new information about your risks.

Parenthood Options

There are more options now than ever before – Everything you need to know about fertility preservation and parenthood after cancer options is here. Compare factors like time requirements, success rates and costs to help determine which options might be right for you.

Special Considerations

Certain age groups, cancer types, and populations have special needs when it comes to fertility. Find more information here.

Pregnancy and Children After Cancer

Find information on risk of cancer recurrence, information about birth defects, and more.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

A few sample questions you may want to ask to help facilitate a conversation with your oncology team.

How to Choose a Doctor or Service

Find some advice on how to choose the doctor or agency that is right for you.


Answers to the most common questions we hear from patients and survivors.


Source: FertileHope