My Story by Trish Rankin

  Not knowing what to expect since I had been informed my clothing choice wasn’t necessary, since I wouldn’t be riding the horse anyhow, I excitedly entered the barn. “What? No horse riding?” When we arrived, the horses were still in their stalls, so I sat down on the feed […]

Bald Is Better with Earrings

A Survivor’s Guide to Getting Through Breast Cancer By Andrea Hutton Review written by Ruth Baillie. Learn more about Ruth at Contributed by Zero Breast Cancer  30 North San Pedro Road, Suite 160, San Rafael, California 94930, 415 507-1949 Published Friday, September 23, 2016       […]

Not All Bad Comes to Harm You

                  Thousands of people have cancer. Thousands more are fighting it. Thousands more are living with it. Author Janice Mock is just one of those thousands. But as a survivor of stage four ovarian cancer, she shares her story to help others […]

44 Ways to Make the Day of Someone With Cancer

              On December 17, 2013 I went to the ER for what I presumed was walking pneumonia (as a physician, I’m good at misdiagnosing myself) only to find out I had a giant tumor in my chest that could have killed me within weeks. […]

How to Access the Healing Power of Your Mind with Dr. Neil Fiore

Class Overview To access the healing power of your mind, you need to get into The Zone, Flow, and The Groove of low stress and focused attention. Want to heal faster and recover with more comfort? Here’s how: Introduction You can use the 3 essential qualities [Safety, Choice, and Presence] […]

Bronwyn the Brave by Allison Gryphon

I wrote this story for my A.W. Gryphon Bits & Pieces Blog on 11 September 2011. It’s strange looking back on that now. That date came four days after my fifth of six chemotherapy sessions… and four days after I lost my dear friend and step-mom to brain cancer. I […]

Not a Cancer Survivor

I am not a cancer survivor, and neither are the women in my cancer support group. Mary feels that cancer was a “blip” in her past that no longer defines her. Diane is a survivor, but not of cancer; she is “a survivor of treatments of cancer.” Patricia and Judy […]

Putting a Positive Spin on Cancer … Life, Interrupted

As a cancer patient, I think a lot about how we talk about illness — or more often, how we talk around it. Even the word “cancer” is ugly, scary, burdensome — a roadblock for a conversation before it even starts. Who wants to go there? Much of the time, […]