How to Help a Patient Who Has Cancer

Nothing is worse than hearing that someone you love has cancer. It’s even harder when it’s your parent. As children, we typically see our parents as strong and invincible. When they get sick, it’s tough. Your roles may reverse, and you may have to start caring for your parent as they battle […]

I Am With You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients

My name is Nancy Novack. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Nancy’s List and Nancy’s Club. Our mission is to do what we can to assure that “No one ever goes through cancer alone.” I am a very grateful survivor of Stage IV ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed 12 1/2 […]

44 Ways to Make the Day of Someone With Cancer

              On December 17, 2013 I went to the ER for what I presumed was walking pneumonia (as a physician, I’m good at misdiagnosing myself) only to find out I had a giant tumor in my chest that could have killed me within weeks. […]

What the Chronically Ill Wish Family and Close Friends Knew About Them

Perhaps this piece should be written entirely in the first person because it reflects what I want my loved ones (by whom I mean family and close friends) to know about me. These are the people who’ve done so much for me, and I’m deeply grateful. I simply want them […]

10 Ways to Help Someone With Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, about 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men are at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime. These statistics are increasing daily. Cancer is rampant. Dare I say it’s the 21st century version of the plague? As a society, we are desperately […]

Feeling Guilty About Cancer … Life, Interrupted

Guilt, like cancer, is a greedy guest feasting on its host. It is nondiscriminatory. We have all felt it, wondered what it was doing there, willed it to go away. I’m aware that feeling guilty about having cancer is more than a little irrational. But when it comes to cancer, […]

Saying Less and Doing More ‘How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick’ Can Be Harder Than It Sounds

When I received a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2009, my friend Caitlin was one of the first people I called. And when she came to see me, she said the perfect thing: nothing. Instead, she burst into tears, gave me a hug — and then took me shopping for wigs. Caitlin […]

Advice for Caregivers of Relatives With Cancer

Readers were invited to ask Julia Bucher, a registered nurse and an author of a caregiving book, about handling a family member’s new illness, specifically cancer. Dr. Bucher is an associate professor of nursing at York College of Pennsylvania, in York, Pa., where she has taught community health nursing, research and […]

Fostering Mindful and Compassionate End of Life Care

Metta Institute offers healthcare professionals a transformational training opportunity and a national network of peers that help make that change stick. Our graduates don’t just collect new tools…..they transform the way care is provided.Joseph’s House in Washington DC is an inspiring example of the impact our End of Life Practitioner Program can have […]