**If Your Child Has Cancer …

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, families and parents will need to know about and cope with many problems. This document, which offers ideas for managing the costs of cancer diagnosis and treatment, is one in a series of documents for parents and caregivers of a child with cancer. […]

Employment Discrimination

Some survivors experience employment discrimination when they return to work or apply for a new job after diagnosis. Knowing about your rights and responsibilities in the workplace can help you with discrimination problems. Employment Discrimination: Detailed Information This information is meant to be a general introduction to this topic. The […]

Transportation Assistance

Local transportation Some people find it hard to get to and from their breast cancer treatments. The social work and patient relations departments at your hospital may have information on local transportation programs. Some cancer organizations also have programs that can help. American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program 800-ACS-2345 […]

Wish Fulfillment Organizations

Wish fulfillment organizations offer children and adults with a chronic or advanced condition, such as cancer, the chance to take a break from the challenging experience by allowing them to have their wishes and dreams come true. Such dreams … €”big or small … €”may include taking a family vacation, […]

Cancer Survivors Say Costs Keep Them From Care by Alan Mozes

Insured or not, patients forego medical needs twice as often as others, The National Coalition on Health Care study finds. Unmanageable health-care costs are forcing millions of insured and uninsured cancer survivors in the United States to go without the medical attention they need, a new analysis reveals. What is […]

Pricing a Year of Life by Susan Gubar

The New York Times May 5, 2016  A radio producer investigating cancer costs once asked me, “What is another year of your life worth?” During my flummoxed silence, she informed me that experts mention the figure $50,000. Can patients like me — older people with recurrent disease — estimate the […]

Cancer Exacts a Significant Financial Burden

Cancer exacts a significant financial burden for many survivors. They may leave treatment in heavy debt, be forced into early retirement, or lose their jobs during the demanding treatment cycle. If they eventually change employers, they may be unable to qualify for health insurance or an affordable life insurance policy. […]

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, money is usually not the first thing that comes to mind You might not want to think about money right now, but it could become a problem. Some people must work out money issues before they can even start treatment. For others, it becomes a […]