**From a Fan of Nancy’s Club

Suzanne Batmale, Wonder Woman AND mom to Ivy, the Super Sensational Survivor, asked me to share her thoughts with you. I am so honored to have her amazing support and friendship. ..Nancy


“Our family was lucky enough to get to know Nancy through her tremendous efforts to reach out and make a positive difference for families enduring the life-changing and traumatic effects of childhood cancer.


Nancy is a survivor.

She vowed (and I’ve never met anyone more devoted to keeping her word!) that no one that no one should ever have to endure that journey alone.


She is compassion. She is love. She is smiles. She is hugs.

She is sunshine when the clouds never seem to go away.


We have had the privilege of sailing on several adventures around the Bay with Nancy and her supporters, volunteers, and other families in similar situations. These sails bring smiles, joy, and that cleansing of the spirit that the water inevitably provides. The connections made with other families are crucial in letting us know that not only do we have Nancy to hold our hands along the way, but that we are not alone in our communities either. Everyone on board seems to simply “get” one another and that makes for gifts of the heart that could very easily never be received.

Not only does Nancy provide these lovely sails, but she works tirelessly to get tickets to local sporting events (Go Giants!), children’s museums, the Walt Disney Family Museum, and spontaneous activities for families who can make it.

All of these gracious invites come with the complete understanding that schedules are not carved in stone anymore … we all live moment to moment in these times.


Nancy is always quick with kind words, understanding, actual valid offers of help and the assurance that your child and family will not be forgotten for the next inevitably amazing event.


Nancy’s Club understands what the entire family goes through and she doesn’t stop at reaching out to the patient and his/her parents. She connects with all the siblings and none of them can help but to fall in love with her.


It is clear, from every moment spent with our “Hero of Marin”, that the entire fabric of her being is woven out of love for humanity and dedication to her absolutely selfless cause.


My daughter Ivy has been off treatment for nearly nine months now. Nancy continues to be in our lives and I truly cannot envision a time when she won’t be.


Sorry, Nancy!

You’re stuck with us!


They say that good things come from even the worst situations. She is living proof of that. We have been completely and continuously blessed by Nancy’s List and Nancy’s Club and I haven’t met a single person whose life she has touched who feels one bit differently.s lucky as we are to know her, I am clear that we are not alone in that either.


We love your endless ideas.

We love your tireless spirit that makes it all come together.

We love the moments of joy and the feelings of hope that you bring to all of us.

We just love YOU.

With every bit of gratitude and love in my heart,

Suzanne Batmale (Lou, Ivy, Grace, Keely and Adrian)”



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