Nancy’s List and Financial Resources for Cancer Patients

My name is Nancy Novack. I started Nancy’s List 10 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission statement is “No one will ever go through cancer alone.” My initial project was to develop a comprehensive LIST of financial resources (thus, Nancy’s List).
My list is BIG but certainly not complete.
Go to the Living with Cancer page and you will find tabs for
Financial Assistance
Health Insurance
Legal Rights
Medication Assistance
Camps and Vacations
Wish Foundations
and more …
In the past few weeks, I have heard from many who are more frightened than ever with the possible limitations on healthcare and their insurance policies. They want to know everything that is available for them. We can help.
I request your support to help me to expand the website listing for financial resources for cancer patients and for those who love and care for them. Please … email me ( with resources to share with our community.
With immense gratitude to everyone who supports our work …

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