10 Things to Expect When You Have Cancer


Cancer can be crazy-making but that’s completely normal by: Cindy Finch photography: Kevin Morris/Flickr Are you a normal cancer patient? Cancer treatment can lead to hair loss, body changes and shifts in your personality (thanks meds!). Although going through it can make you feel crazy, here are 10 “normal” things […]

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A Safety Net for Everyone: Medicare for Anyone with a Medical Catastrophe & Under Age 65

Recently, a great blog run by a cancer pal called Help Keep A Sister Alive www.helpkeepasisteralive.com (what’s not to love about that name?) asked me to write a guest post on Medicare basics. Now they know I am no expert but they also know peer to peer sharing of the […]

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I Am With You


The first of Nancy’s List books on hope and healing for newly diagnosed cancer patients ROCKS with LOVE! We will launch this book in early spring so that oncologists and hospitals can present them to their patients when they receive their diagnoses. This collection of 46 essays is written by […]

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BayKids Get Young Patients to Express Themselves through Filmmaking

Jibri Brown, 23 who recently went through a kidney transplant works on the self-produced video at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco. Philanthropic organization BayKids Studios’ mission is to empower children facing medical challenges to express themselves through the art of filmmaking. Cancer patient Austin Moore, 9 years old, ticks […]

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Let’s Stamp Out the Phrase ‘There’s Nothing More We Can Do’

Not long ago I met with a friend of mine who oversees the hospice program for a medical center I used to work at. We sat together on a snowy morning in a coffeehouse with a fireplace and shared stories about our work with cancer patients. I had left my […]

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Writing Through It


In a new book and on her New York Times blog, author Susan Gubar chronicles her experiences living with metastatic cancer. For Susan Gubar, writing has always given context to reality. So it should come as little surprise that when Gubar, an award-winning distinguished professor emerita of English at Indiana […]

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Meditation and My New Normal


I first heard the word “new normal” when I was completing my chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. It was used to describe the “survivorship” period of post-cancer life once the treatments are complete and we enter life with this surreal experience of cancer as something that we endured. It was […]

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Hospital Cancer Program Confronts The Existential

People who battle stage 4 cancer are familiar with words like chemotherapy, radiation and metastasize. But words they may not hear at a hospital as often are existentialism, mindfulness, legacy and humor. Dr. Arash Asher at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles is dedicating his life to changing that. Asher, […]

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