Relieving the Emotional Pain of Cancer

In medicine, we are amazingly successful at alleviating physical pain, but are too often at a loss for how best to relieve emotional pain. The mind is the greatest stressor known to humankind, and nowhere does that become more apparent than when a loved one or you face a medical […]

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Processing Cancer

Cancer is often an unexpected and shocking life experience. When confronting a diagnosis, having the tools of self-analysis at hand can make a difference in a person’s facing the disease as a hopeless situation versus a part of her or his life journey. Maria Bowen, Carl Roger’s leading psychotherapist in […]

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W?F Newsletter September 3rd 2014 ~ Allison W. Gryphon The What? Series debuts on YouTube November 20th. The extended trailer is out today. Click Here to see it! To follow the series and the surrounding events subscribe to The Why? Foundation on YouTube, FaceBook or Twitter. NAPA VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL […]

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Nancy DSC_0130

DANCING, SINGING, and JUMPING WITH JOY!!! The Nancy’s List books on hope and healing for newly diagnosed cancer patients ROCK! We will launch these books by the end of the year so that oncologists and hospitals can present them to their patients when they receive their diagnoses. I am working […]

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Mother of Survivor: ‘Childhood Cancer is Forever’


“I’m grateful for today. I feel incredibly blessed because I still have my daughter. When you’ve faced death and been able to beat it, you’re grateful for every day.” Ruth Hoffman is the mother of 8 children, but she calls her second oldest, Naomi, her soul mate. Their close relationship […]

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May I Have the Courage by Gabrielle Roth


These words of wisdom come from my dear friend Gabrielle Roth. She passed away on October 22, 2012 and she is sorely missed by many of my friends and me. You can read about her passing here: In Memory Of My Beloved Teacher, Gabrielle Roth. Her son, Jonathan Horan, has […]

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Never Ever Give Up: The Inspiring Story of Jessie and Her JoyJars


It started with a simple question: How can we help them? It became an international movement called NEGU: Never Ever Give Up. When Jessica Joy Rees was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at age 11, she chose to focus not on herself but on bringing joy and hope to […]

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7 Principles of Mindfulness in Healing

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The 7 principles of Mindfulness in Healing are pervasive throughout the book, Stop Cancer in its Tracks: Your Path to Mindfulness in Healing Yourself, if only implicitly. They have been part of my life since I began studying and practicing meditation and learning about natural healing. They probably date back […]

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