A Gift for Everyone

A new review on Amazon.com May 21, 2015 By S. Hayne “People who fight for their lives and show us the beauty of life are gifts. Each chapter in this book is a gift. I Am With You is a book of hope and healing for new cancer patients. Cancer […]

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Midnight Musings

I Am with You … Love Letters to Cancer Patients is a powerful book for the newly-diagnosed patient and for those who are going through treatment and for everyone else in the world as well. My amazing daughter-in-law, Carrie Baum, said, “This book is not about cancer. It is about […]

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Meet Tara Nader, the Founder of Longeva Skincare


I recently had the joy of meeting Tara Nader, a breast cancer survivor and the founder of Longeva Skincare. I want you to know her. It was Tara’s first-hand experience with breast cancer, the damage and pain caused by treatment and the failure of prescription and OTC creams and lotions […]

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Befriending Uncertainty

As a meditation and mindfulness teacher (and forever student), I am thrilled when I see new articles, books, and stories from people experiencing the many benefits of meditation. There is no question that it will invite more joy, peace, happiness and compassion into our lives. However, I’m realizing that for […]

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Reviews for I Am with You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients


A few of the reviews we have received for our new anthology …. I thought it might be worth noting that I read your book while standing several steps between the refrigerator and the kitchen counter. That is, I read nearly the entire book, standing in the middle of the […]

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Review: In ‘Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies,’ Battling an Opportunistic Killer

Early in Monday’s first installment of PBS’s “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies,” a statistic about cancer’s toll in the United States is offered to convey the magnitude of the subject. “More will die from cancer over the next two years than died in combat in all the wars the […]

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I Am With You


The first of Nancy’s List books on hope and healing for newly diagnosed cancer patients ROCKS with LOVE! Oncologists and hospitals and cancer organizations are ordering copies for their patients. They are placing them in new patient binders, the infusion rooms, their waiting rooms, and gift shops. To order … […]

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Stress Management May Have Long-Term Benefits For Cancer Survivors

Going through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be one of the most stressful events that a woman ever has to face. Learning to cope with that stress can carry benefits not only in the early stages of recovery, but also years down the road, according to new research. […]

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