I Am with You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients

  My name is Nancy Novack. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Nancy’s List and Nancy’s Club. Our mission is to do what we can to assure that “No one ever goes through cancer alone.” I am a very grateful survivor of Stage IV ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed 12 […]

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Taking Charge of Your Treatment

  A Breast Cancer Two-Timer Shares Her Experience The diagnosis of cancer is a highly charged emotional event. It can throw us off for days before we can begin to think clearly. The inclination may be to follow whatever the person delivering the news tells you. Not always the best […]

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Cancer is Trauma

Cancer is Trauma … for the person grappling with living and dying, for the kids, for the partner, and for the community of friends and family. I want to be helpful. The theme of my work is “I am with you.” When I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer […]

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Memoir of a Debulked Woman by Susan Gubar


  A 2012 New York Times Book Review Notable Book “Staggering, searing…Ms. Gubar deserves the highest admiration for her bravery and honesty.” ―New York Times Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008, Susan Gubar underwent radical debulking surgery, an attempt to excise the cancer by removing part or all of many […]

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Bald is Better with Earrings


The breast cancer guide every woman needs for herself, her best friend, and her sister—a warm, practical, relatable handbook, that dispels the terror, taking you step-by-step through the process, from diagnosis to post-treatment. When Andrea Hutton was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wanted to know everything. She voraciously read books, […]

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Coffee and Cancer?

You might have been surprised by the news coming out last week, announcing that the World Health Organization (WHO) found that coffee isn’t carcinogenic after all. If I were in the coffee business I’d want this news item to get as little publicity as possible, as I doubt anyone was […]

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The Awesome Way This Woman With Stage IV Cancer Is Taking On Chemo

Karen Walsh, you are brave as hell. Several weeks after Karen Walsh turned 40, she saw a doctor for what felt like a stomach cramp. It turned out to be stage IV colon cancer. Walsh, an accomplished Broadway actress and mother of two, had eight tumors in her liver and three […]

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Not All Bad Comes to Harm You


                  Thousands of people have cancer. Thousands more are fighting it. Thousands more are living with it. Author Janice Mock is just one of those thousands. But as a survivor of stage four ovarian cancer, she shares her story to help others […]

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